Challenge 6

kyuss’s grandparents were born in Sweden and England (Great Britain).Kyuss’s two grandmas, one in Ontario and one of B.C  Kyuss’s grandparents have brought down recipes But he does no know the name of them. Evan R’s grandparents came from Scotland. I can go back 4 generations to when my great grandparents immigrated from Holland. I can also go back 3 generations to My grandparents who also immigrated from Holland



challenge 9 part A

And Then It Happened

by Josh Sluys


The Bully

It was summer ,most kids were probably enjoying their saturday.But not me marko and steve as we found out our parents would be shipping us off to a camp.but thats not the worst part the “camp” turned out to be a 3 day school camp.When we arrived later that afternoon we saw what appeared to be a school surrounded by cabins which were probably for sleeping.


The Next Day

We were all woken to the sound of a trumpet i looked at my clock and saw the time 6:45. a loud speaker said “all campers report to the school dressed and ready in the next 10 minutes”.we all emptied out of the cabin and filled in to the school.we were all given a test. it was mostly basic stuff we already knew most of us…(or so i thought) mostly multiplication, subtraction and division and stuff like that.i started to fill out the test about ten minutes later the teacher or “supervisor” had left for a coffee break even though all he did was sit down and text.a few moments after he left i finished my test.i got up i started to walk toward his desk when a student stuck out there leg and tripped me i dropped my test.when i looked up i saw a boy probably like 3 heads taller than me.he swiped my test from the ground and began taking answers off it every time i reached for it he would growl or strike his fist towards me.after he finished he crumpled it up and threw in on the ground. after that scene the teacher came back from his meaningless coffee break.


Half of the day later

We were all called out side where a campfire was being held there was only one adult and about 30 kids. a juice box and a cookie was provided, but every kids was taken by the bully. We had to come up with a plan to put this bully in his place. the same thing happened the next day i was tripped while the teacher was gone ,and my test was again copied.


But before the campfire tonight me marko, steve and all of the other “campers” came up with a plan it started by giving gaylord (aka the bully) all of our juice.we started the campfire it was pretty boring we basically just sang songs and other stupid stuff. Until me marko and steve along with all of the other campers noticed gaylord get up and make his way up to the woods where a little farther back into the woods stood the only bathroom on the the property a poorly constructed porta potty or so he thought. AND THEN IT HAPPENED.  A few seconds later there was a loud shriek from the woods everyone ran up to the porta potty or at least where it stood a few hours earlier to find gaylord the bully in a big hole covered up to his head in poop!!alarmed two “group leaders” ran through the crowd without looking and joined gaylord in the poop filled hole.


The next day when everyone was packing up ,we looked outside ,at the school to see gaylord and the 2 group leaders being hosed down.we never heard from gaylord again.


week 8

  • What makes a great post? Something that catches your eye right when you visit a blog like a picture or something
  • When you are out visiting blogs, what makes you stop and read a post? A very eye catching picture or catchy title     How do you find great posts on a blog? A cool picture or catchy title 


  • What is a great post you have written? My Vanek, mason trade was my best post in my opinion
  • What made it stand out from the other posts? Just overall it was a good post not too much writing and not to little it had a good picture involving exactly what I was writing about
  • On your blog, are you able to write posts about your own interests? Yes , I like hockey and that’s what I write about
  • Do you think this would make your blog more interesting? Why? Yes because you’re not writing about something someone else likes you are writing about what you like

I think this blog was really good. And I liked his posts were really good and I agreed with his post about music too

I think this blog was also good because like the other blog I made connections with what he liked.

I really liked his blog because he wrote about something he liked and i liked it too, because his blog is really good and his posts were good too.

These blogs in my opinion were really good if you want you should go visit them yourselves

Challenge 4

  • who inspired you growing up as a kid?
  • what is your favourite pass time
  • where were you born
  • when were you born
  • why do you like about your job/hobbie
  • how many pets have you had

yes, our school participated in Canadian  food for children and we raised 1686 pounds of foodit felt really good because we knew we did a really good thing and that it was going to feed a lot of people

fcc food driveeeeeeeeeeeee



challenge 1

Part 1 The early years

February 15th 2001

chatham hospital

4:36 pm

The most awesome baby was born he was perfect in every way but no one really cared about because beside him was a future hockey playing gamer, perfect in his own way his name was


Part 2 All About me

I enjoy reading sometimes, i like rick riordan books my favourite books my him are the last olympian and mark of athena.I like to listen to 80’s rock and macklemore and ryan lewis and eminem.My favourite food is bacon i like pizza to but bacons the better.Some of the tv shows i like are Duck dynasty,criminal minds,sports center,hockey, baseball,big bang theory and just for laughs. some of the things i like to do are play xbox and my ipod,roller blade and watch tv.


Part 3 About my family

my favourite family members are my mom and dad because they have fed me and took care of me, my whole life what i like best about my family is that they accept me for who i am….. most of the time. what i‘d like to change about my family is for my sisters to be nicer and i would have liked a brother.


Part 4 my hopes for the future

I want to go to the ucc pines for high school when i get to high school.when i grow up i want to play in the nhl or become a writer for sports illustrated.

Canucks’ Sedins sign four-year contract extensions

The Vancouver Canucks re-signed Henrik and Daniel Sedin to matching four-year contract extensions Friday. Financial terms of the new contracts were not released, but multiple media reports valued each at $28 million.

The Sedin twins, 33, are in the final season of matching five-year, $30.5 million contracts, and would have become unrestricted free agents in July 2014. They will be 37 years old when their new contracts expire.

The Sedins have spent their entire careers in Vancouver since being drafted in 1999. Daniel was selected with the No. 2 pick and Henrik was selected with the No. 3 pick.





Vanek,moulson trade

Monday morning  the NHL was shocked. there had been a trade

new York islanders acquired:  Thomas vanek

Buffalo sabres acquired: Matt moulson , a 2014 first round pick and a  2015 second round pick


Matt moulson already had his debut as a sabre yesterday where he scored two goals but unfortunately for buffalo they were defeated 4-3 in regulation to Dallas

Thomas vanek is scheduled to make his islanders debut tonight as they face the new York rangers.according to head coach jack Capuano. Thomas vanek will play on the first line with captain John Tavares and kyle okposo thomas-vanek-matt-moulson.jpgwoolooooooooooo